Nominations for INQUA ECR Representatives 2019-2023

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Call for volunteers for 2019 – 2023 inter-congress period

The Early Career Research (ECR) Committee has been established by INQUA in 2012 and exists to both foster the involvement of young scientists in INQUA activities and to improve networking and information exchange between Early Career Researchers, INQUA and its Commissions. The duty of the ECR Committee is to: 1) increase the dissemination of information between INQUA, its Commissions and its young members through both ECR networks and social media; 2) represent the views and increase the flow of information from the ECR community to the INQUA Executive Committee; and 3) support early-career Quaternary scientists, especially from developing countries, and engage them in INQUA activities.

Nominations are hereby invited for the INQUA ECR Commission Representatives for the Inter-Congress Period, 2019 2023. ECR Representatives serve for an Inter-Congress period of four years. The INQUA ECR Committee is conformed of two (2) ECR Representatives for each of their five (5) Commissions (Coastal & Marine Processes; Humans & the Biosphere; Palaeoclimates; Stratigraphy & Chronology; Terrestrial Processes, Deposits & History). These nominees will then be considered by the Commission Officers and a final list of nominees will be presented for election or ratification from INQUA Commission members. From the list of elected representatives, an ECR Committee Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected.

In accepting their nomination, each nominee commits to engage with INQUA – the ECR Committee, the Executive Committee, Commission and community – to ensure communication and foster the development of the Commission and its activities according to INQUA’s Statutes and Bye-laws for the duration of the inter-congress period.

The nominees must be Early Career Researchers (ECR) and should be a member of an INQUA Commission by the time of the election. INQUA defines Early Career Researchers as graduate students and postgraduates within 8 years of receiving their PhD. This period of 8 years does not take into account periods of time taken not working as an academic or because of taking time off because of family responsibilities.

The nomination form is attached and available at


·       Call for 2019-2023 ECR Representative Nominations: 15th May 25th June

·       Collation of nominations: 25th June 10th July

·       Vote for ECR Representatives: 10th July 20th July

·       Announcements of election results: 25th July

·       Transfer of mandate at Dublin Congress: 1st August

Please consult current Commission Presidents or INQUA ECR Chair for further information and advice on procedures, or contact the INQUA ECR Committee at

Completed forms should be submitted to the INQUA ECR Committee,


Closing date for receipt of nominations is 25th June 2019