Project 1224S

1224S: Workshop: Equatorial Eastern Africa Quaternary, Climate Change And Variability, Nanyuki, Kenya, 23rd – 27th July 2013. (PI: Christine Ogola, National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi). Co-sponsored workshop with PAGES.

Conference circular (pdf 165kb).

Conference registration form (pdf 121kb).

The Eastern African Quaternary Research Association (EAQUA) will hold its 4th Biennial conference in July 2013. The association’s conferences brings together Quaternary scholars from eastern Africa who do not ordinarily come together with international researchers working in the region to deliberate on themes related to various aspects of Quaternary research in the region. The earlier three conferences established that there were local and regional variations in climate over the last 2000years and suggested multidisciplinary approaches for better understanding, in addition to assessing the impacts of global and climate change, vulnerability and adaptations. The status of on and off shore Quaternary research over the last 100,000 years was also discussed, elaborating on the available marine and lacustrine records, techniques and methods for Quaternary research, palaeoclimate and vegetation reconstruction as well as recent trends in climate change. The 4th Biennial conference themed “Equatorial eastern Africa Quaternary, climate change and variability” will highlight the results of concluded and ongoing research conducted the entire Qauternary period to ensure periods of the Quaternary before 100,000 years ago in tropical eastern Africa that remain inexhaustively explored, collated and shared are discussed. Conference discussions will be thematic sessions including:

  • Late Pleistocene-Holocene climate variability
  • Quaternary Rainfall variability and human
  • Habitat and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of pre-historic sites (palaeobotany, isotopes, fauna, sedimentology)
  • The Quaternary fossil and archaeological record of eastern Africa
  • Climate and Global change
  • Eastern African Quaternary geology
  • Highland biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Heritage Resouce management for sustainable Development