Call for Proposals

New International Focus Groups (IFGs) and related Projects during the 2015-2019 inter-congress period

The remit of the Palaeoclimate Commission (PALCOMM) is to optimise the use of palaeo-data for detailed climatic reconstructions. The overall objective is to enhance understanding of Quaternary climatic perturbations, transitions and abrupt events. To this end, PALCOM encourages interactive projects with the other INQUA Commissions to comprehend the links between climatic changes and environmental and human responses. The commission is also attempting to foster strategic links with the international climate modelling community, to assist the process of palaeo-data/model comparisons.

During the 2015-2019 inter-congress period, PALCOM wishes to promote IFGs and projects which will (a) facilitate improved understanding of the climate system and the linkages across terrestrial, marine and glacial realms, (b) encourage large-scale syntheses of terrestrial data and the creation of palaeoclimate or palaeoenvironmental databases, and (c) foster improved links with the palaeoclimate modeling community.

IFGs are designed to address broad-scale questions and to provide an "umbrella" organization to facilitate communication between more focused projects. Individual projects should be linked to an IFG, except in the case of exploratory initiatives.

Informal queries about proposed IFGs and projects should be addressed, in the first instance by email, to the Commission President, Atte Korhola

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International Focus Groups

The Executive Committee has approved one PALCOM-sponsored IFG:

  1. SHAPE - Southern Hemisphere assessment of palaeoenvironments, led by Andrew Lorrey and Steven Phipps (Australasia, Oceania, Antarctica); Maisa Rojas (South America); and Brian Chase (Africa)

Current projects:

  1. PotASH - Paleolakes of the arid southern hemisphere, led by Burrough & Singarayer. Contact Sallie Burrough (
  2. SWEEP - Southern westerlies evolution in environments of the past, led by Hinajosa & Roop. Contact Jessica Hinajosa (
  3. SHeMax - The Last Glacial Maximum in the Southern Hemisphere, led by Petherick, Shulmeister, Knight & Rojas. Contact Lynda Petherick (
  4. FBI-HYD - Fire-biome interactions and the hydrological cycle in southern Africa during the late Quaternary, led by Finkelstein, Daniau & Cowling. Contact Sarah Finkelstein (